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Commerce English Sentences 300 (2)

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Commerce English Sentences 300 (2)



To be familiar with the commerce English by listening and repeating


To repeat the sentences


To repeat the sentences




Listen and repeat                                   (90’)

9. Business Representation






15.Terms of Payment


Language Lab

Task-based Teaching Method

Lecture, Practice


Tapes   CDs



 To review these sentences


Business Representation代理

Brief Introduction



 独家代理指委托人在一定时期,特定地区给予代理人推销指定商品的专营权,委托人向代理人支付佣金,负担经营风险,一般不再向该地区其他商人销售该种商品。即使直接销售,也要按协议规定给独家代理应得的佣金,这种佣金叫做隐佣(Sleeping Commission)。独家代理则代表委托人与买主洽谈交易,并以委托人的名义或由委托人自己同买主签订合同。



 Basic Expressions

 1. I would like to discuss with you the problem of agency for your electric fans.


 2. I wonder whether your firm is represented in our country.


 3. We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agents for the sales of your products in our country.

如果贵方能考虑我们的申请使我们成为贵公司产品在我国市场的销 售代理的话,我们会很高兴的。

 4. We are pleased to offer you a sole agency for the sale of our products in your country.


 5. We are pleased that you are prepared to appoint us as your sole agent for your products.


 6 We’re favorably impressed by your proposal for a sole distributor.


 7. Thank you for offering us the agency for your products and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us.


 8. If you give us the agency, we should spare no efforts to further your interests.


 9. As your agents, we’ll make greater efforts to push the sale of your products.


 10. We appreciate your efforts in pushing the sale of our electric fans.


 11. I’m afraid we can’t agree to appoint you as our sole agent because the annual turnover you promised is too low.

 恐怕我们不能同意指定你方作为我们的独家代理,因为你方所承诺 的年销售量太少了。

 12. We will increase our turnover if you appoint us as your sole agent.


 13. We’d like to sign a sole agency agreement with you on your electric fans for a period of three years.


 14. As our sole distributor, you are not expected to handle the sale of similar products of other origins.


 15. I think you know already that I want to discuss the representation for your alarm clocks.


 16. We usually get a 10% commission of the amount on every deal.


 17. According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill?



Brief Introduction



 投保时,通常选择平安险(F.P.A.,水渍险(W.A.W.P.A. )或一切险(A.R.)三种基本险别中的一种,然后,加保其他必要的特殊附加险别。

 Basic Expressions

 1. We have covered insurance on 1,000 cases of beer for 110% of the invoice value against all risks.


 2. If you desire us to insure against a special risk, an extra premium will have to be charged.


 3. This risk is coverable at a premium of 0.25%.


 4. The insurance company insures this risk with 5% franchise.


 5. After loading the goods on board the ship, you must go to the insurance company to have them insured.


 6. We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as Free of Particular Average (F. P.A.), With Particular Average (W.P.A.), All Risks and Extraneous Risks. 我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,如:平安险、水渍险、一切险 和附加险。 7. W.P.A. plus Risk of Breakage suit your consignment.


 8. The premium is calculated according to the premium rate or rates for risks to be covered.


 9. They will undertake to compensate you for the losses according to the risks insured.


 10. We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air.


 11. We won’t have such a risk included, as it is not stipulated in the Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses.


 12. Do you cover risk other than W.P.A. and War Risk?


 13. As a rule, the extra premium involved will be for buyer’s account.


 14. Please note that our insurance coverage is for 110% of the invoice value only.


 15. How long is the period from the commencement to termination of the insurance?


 16. We adopt the warehouse-to-warehouse clause that is commonly used in international insurance.


 17. According to international practice, we do not insure against such risks unless the buyers call for them.


 18. Breakage is a special risk, for which an extra premium will have to be charged.


 19. Because they aren’t delicate goods and not likely to be damaged on the voyage.



Brief Introduction







四、接受应由受盘人作出声明或其他行为方式表示,并且这种表示 传达给发盘人后才开始有效。

 Basic Expressions

 1. Our price is quite reasonable and other buyers in your market have accepted it.


 2. Please accept our offer and confirm the above-mentioned terms immediately.  


 3. Owing to heavy commitments, we can not accept fresh business at present.


 4. Taking the quality into consideration, we accept your offer.


 5. We are pleased to have transacted our first act of business with your firm.


 6. We have succeeded in putting through the deal of five hundred bicycles.


 7. We have faxed our confirmation of your order and you are requested to open the L/C as soon as possible.


 8. We strongly recommend acceptance as our stocks are running low.


 9. With an eye to future business we’ll accept payment by D/P this time.


 10. We are sorry that we cannot accept your counteroffer, as the price quoted by us is quite realistic.


 11. The price you quoted being found workable, we have faxed you our acceptance.


 12. We accept your offer provided that shipment is made in November. 如能在十一月份装船,我们就接受你方报价。

 13. Although the prevailing quotations are somewhat higher, we will accept the order on the same terms as be fore with the view of encouraging business.

 尽管目前报价偏高,但为了促进今后业务的开展,我们仍将按过去 条件接受你方订单。



Brief Introduction



 Basic Expressions

 1. These goods are very expensive, and easily damaged.


 2. Last time you told me that you wanted the most economical packaging.


 3. We always take extra care with every shipment.


 4. As this article is fragile, please case it into durable packaging. 这种物品易碎,请以耐用包装来装箱。

 5. The cost of this article includes packaging.


 6. As a rule, the buyer ought to bear the charges of packaging.


  7. The outer packing should be strong enough for transportation.



 8. As to the inner packaging, it must be attractive and helpful to the sales.


 9. For dangerous and poisonous cargo, the nature and the gener- ally adopted symbol shall be marked conspicuously on each package.

对于危险品和有毒的货物,在每件包装上应有醒目的标记及性质说 明。

 10. We usually pack each piece of men’s shirt in a box, half dozen to a box and 10 dozens to a wooden case.

我们通常把每件男衬衣装入一个盒子里,半打装一箱,十打装一个 木箱。

 11. Nowadays many kinds of drinks are packed in paper tins.


12. The wooden case should be not only seaworthy but also strong enough to protect the goods from any damage.


 13. Please pack one TV set to a cardboard box, 4 sets to a wooden case suitable for export.


 14. All the cases are strongly packed in compliance with your request.


 15. The outer packing in bales or in wooden cases is at buyer’s option.


 16. Please be assured that the packaging is strong enough to withstand rough handling.


 17. The goods must be packed in five - ply strong paper bags as stipulated in the contract.




Brief Introduction

 在对外贸易中,按时装运进出口货物,及时将货物从厂方运至目的地,对完成进出口交易、满足市场需要、减少货物积压和提高商品的竞争能力,都起着积极重要的作用。 特别是对某些鲜活商品或季节性商品的运输,更要抢时间、争速度,及时完成运输任务,以免造成经济上的损失和信誉上的不良影响。如果装卸不及时,运输拖延,到货慢,就会影响商品的销路,甚至失去市场。


 C.F.R C.I.F 三种价格术语,卖方只要根据合同的有关规定将货物装上船,取得提单,就算交货。提单签发日期亦即为交货日。因此,装运一词常被用来代替交货的概念。 这种凭单交货被称为象征性交货。(实际交货是指货物运抵目的地,因而,装运时间与交货时间是并不一致的。)凭单交货时,装运期和交货期是一致的。在买卖合同中,合理地规定装运期(交货期)是很重要的。装运期(交货期)可分为三种:定期装运、近期装运和不定期装运。

 Basic Expressions

 1. How long does it usually take you to make a delivery?


 2. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within three months after

 re ceipt of the covering L/C.


 3. Could you possibly advance shipment further more?


 4. I hope that the goods can be shipped promptly after you get our L/C.


 5. Shipment should be made before Octoberotherwise we are not able to catch the season.


 6. The earliest shipment we can make is early March.


 7. I’m sorrywe can’t advance the time of shipment.


 8. The order is so urgently required that we must ask you to expedite shipment.


 9. We are confident of being able to ship the goods to you by the end of next month.


 10. The goods ordered are all in stock and we assure you that the first steamer will make the shipment available in November.

 贵公司订购的货物我方均有现货,可保证在十一月份将货物装上第 一条便船。 11. Please see to it that the goods are shipped per PEACE sailing on or about October 15th.


 12. Shipment by the middle of October will be too late for us.


 13. We’ll try our best to advance shipment to September.


  14. When is the earliest possible date you can ship the goods?


 15. I wonder whether you can make shipment in September.


 16. How long will the delivery take from here to Canada by sea freight?


 17. I don’t think I can promise you any January shipments.


 18. Please be informed that the shipment of the cargo (your purchase order No. 123) was sent yesterday, airway bill No.123.

 特此通知这批货物(你方订单号码是No.123)昨天已装运,航 空货物的领取号码是No.123

 19. In case you do not receive the goods on or before December 12, please let us know.


 20. We will do all we can to fill your order so that the goods will be shipped before October 15.



 Brief Introduction



Basic Expressions

1. Please give our claim your favorable consideration.


2. Please examine the matter and send us the goods to meet the shortage as soon as possible.


3. As regards inferior quality of your goods, we claim a compensa- tion of U.S.$10,000.


4. We shall lodge a claim for all the losses incurred as a consequence of your failure to ship our order in time.


5. Any complaint about the quality of the products should be lodged within 15 days after their arrival.


6. Our customers are complaining of the inferior quality of our products.


7. This seems to be a very clear case and we hope you will see your way to make a prompt settlement.


8. We regret that your claim on shortage cannot be accepted.


9. Our investigation shows that improper packing caused damage. Therefore we have to refer this matter to you.

我方检验证明,货物受损是由于包装不当而造成的。因此,我们不 得不将此事提交你处解决。

10. As the goods are inferior in quality, we are returning the whole of the 20 cases and must ask you to replace them.

由于这些产品质量低劣,所以我方把20箱全部退回,并务必请贵方 更换这些产品。

11. We very much regret the mistake in article number, which resulted in your receiving the wrong goods.


12. The goods we’ve received do not tally with the sample on which we ordered.


13. In view of the long business relations between us, we wish to meet you half way to settle the claim.


14. We hope this unfortunate incident will not affect the relationship between us.


15. Apparently, the shortage is due to omission in packing.


16. In view of our friendly business relations, we are prepared to meet your claim for the 25 tons shortage weight.


17. We are sorry that the quality of our goods did not turn out to your satisfaction.


18. We can assure you that such a thing will not happen again in future deliveries.


19. Enclosed is the surveyor’s report on the three damaged cases.


20. Here’s a survey report by a well-known lab in Houston, whose testimony is absolutely reliable.



Terms of Pay ment支付条款

Brief Introduction

 目前,国际贸易中常用的付款方式( payment terms)有:汇付(Remittance)、托收(Collection )、信用证(Letter of Cred it)三种方式。大金额交易时主要是用到信用证,小买卖当然是用托收和汇付来完成。

 作为国际结算中的一个重要组成部分,对外贸易货款的支付一般是利用汇票这种支付凭据通过银行进行的。汇票中的跟单汇票(Documentary Draft)是对外贸易中最常用的一种支付工具。汇票按付款时间的不同,分为即期汇票和远期汇票两种。

 Basic Expressions

 1. Our terms of payment are by a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit by draft at sight.


 2. Since the total amount is so big and the world monetary market is rather unstable at the moment, we can not ac cept any terms of payment other than a Letter of Credit.

 因为这次交易额大,而且目前国际金融市场很不稳定,所以我们除 接受信用证付款外,不能接受别的付款方式。


3. We would suggest that for this particular order you let us have a D/D, on receipt of which we shall ship the goods on the first available steamer.

 此次订货,我们建议你们使用即期汇票。收到该汇票后,我们将把 货物装上第一条可定到的船。

 4. In order to conclude the business, I hope you’ll meet me half way. What about 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P?

 为了做成这批生意,希望双方都各让步一半。百分之五十以信用证 付款,百分之五十按付款交单怎么样?

 5. For such a large amount, a L/C is costly. Besides, it ties up my money. All this adds to my cost.

 开这样大数额的信用证,费用很大,再说资金也要积压,这些都要 使成本增加。 6. I’d like to discuss the terms of payment with you. I won der if you would accept D/P.


 7. Since we are old friends, I suppose D/P or D/A should be adopted this time as the mode of payment.


 8. As we must adhere to our customary practice, we hope that you will not think us unaccommodating.

 由于我们必须坚持我们的一贯做法,我们希望你不要认为我们是不 肯通融的。 9. We regret we cannot accept Cash Against Documents On Arrival Of Goods At Destination.


 10. We wish to reiterate that it is only in view of our long and friendly business relations that we extend you this accommodation.


 11. We have instructed our bank to open an irrevocable documentary letter of credit in your favor. The amount is $ 1,300.00.

 我们已通知我方银行开立以你方为受益人的、不可撤消的、跟单信 用证,其金额为一千三百美金。

   12. We’d like you to accept D/P for this transaction and future ones.


 13. Your proposal for payment by time draft for Order No.1 is accept- able to us.


 14. We shall draw on you at 60 days sight the goods have been shipped. Please honor our draft when it falls due.

 货物装运后,我们将向你方开出见票六十天内付款的汇票,请到期 即付。

 15. The bank has just advised us that our Draft No.2 was de clined (rejected, refused).


 16. Under the installment plan, 20% of the contract value is to be paid with orders.


 17. Please indicate that the L/C is negotiable in our country.


 18. We shall open an irrevocable letter of credit in your favor, pay able in Hong Kong against shipping documents.

 我方将开立以你方为受益人的、不可撤消的信用证,在香港付款交 单。

 19. Your request for D/P payment has been considered and we agree to grant you this facility.


 20. The time draft is to be countersigned by the Bank of Hong Kong, certifying that your signature is true and valid.


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